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For the security of your prized possessions, it is vital to ensure that your locks and keys remain is pristine conditions. Even before modern electronic devices came into being, keys and locks have remained irreplaceable and have been the source of security since the very beginning of time. We rely on them to keep our homes, cars, offices, and other possessions safe, but we keep the priority of it on the backburner. So, how do we keep these security devices in prime condition? This is where Dallas Locksmith Store comes in. We are the leading locksmith in Dallas, Texas and have been one of the most recognized companies in the locks and security business. We have a trained staff to take care of your security needs no matter how big or small they are. This makes us the best locksmith in Downtown Dallas.  While there are other locksmith companies charging premium rates, you will never find a match for Dallas Locksmith Store. We are a cheap locksmith in Dallas and offer affordable services for your residential, commercial, and automotive emergencies in the region. We make customer service satisfaction our top priority and you will only hear positive feedback from all homeowners and businesses in Dallas, Texas. Ask anyone!

If you are looking for lock and key services, then you need to hire the best! Give us a call on 469-802-3653

WHY Dallas Locksmith Store?

We offer the best services in Dallas, Texas. We just don’t say, but positive testimonials from our customers have been the proof of the work we’ve done over the years. We have a reputation in and around Downtown Dallas and most of our new customers come to us through references from old customers.

We provide services and handle all kinds of requests pertaining to emergency, residential, automotive and commercial locksmith services. We are open 24/7, 365 days a year and provide all these services to ensure the customer have the best experience with us, no matter when they call us, be it day or night, weekday or weekend.

HOW WE STARTED OUT?                                                                                                

 Dallas Locksmith Store was established during the times when there was no cheap locksmith in Dallas. All the competitor companies were offering services at a high rate and not delivering a satisfactory service. Our affordable prices, quality, and on-time service became our unique selling point which attracted our customers. Today we are the leading residential, commercial, and auto locksmith in Downtown Dallas.


24/7 Emergency locksmith services

Getting locked out of your house or break your key in the ignition of your car seems like a messy situation; but with us on standby 24/7, you can trust us to be always around in case of emergencies. We cater to locks and keys during emergencies and are just a call away. You can get in touch with us on 469-802-3653 and someone from our team will come to your rescue! From key cutting to lockout assistance to safe unlocks, we can do it all!

Automotive locksmith services

We understand that in case you are in a hurry there are times that you might lock your key inside the car or jam the lock of your trunk. It necessarily doesn’t happen often, but if situations like these emerge, then do not fret or worry. If you don’t have a spare key or the time to run home to get another one, we can always help. We have a team of mobile locksmiths that are on the road 24/7 and they can reach you anywhere within an hour. Be it key cutting, car lockout assistance or transponder key programming, our auto locksmiths in the state of Oregon are there to help you to solve your problem!

Residential locksmith services

We might not realize that locks and keys go through normal wear and tear just like any other residential products. Even though they look tough on the outside, it is important to maintain them. You may wonder why we are saying this? Imagine being locked out of your home after a tiring and exhausting day. This is when you notice the importance of locks and keys! But don’t worry, because Dallas Locksmith Store will take care of it. Not only we will open the door to your home in no time, but we also make sure that this work does not cause any damage to your lock. Our team will also guide you and provide you tips to make sure that you don’t find yourself in this situation again! You can also avail services such as key making, rekeying, eviction service, master key creation and much more.

Commercial locksmith services

Establishing and growing the business is an important affair. With this comes the responsibility of protecting the property because a small mistake in security can cause huge damage to all the hard work, and bringing it all back might be impossible. This is why you should consider Dallas Locksmith Store commercial services to ensure the security of your prized possessions.  We provide top-notch services to innumerable business owners in Downtown Dallas and keep up to our promise in protecting their possessions. You can talk to our experts for a security consultation and installation of high-security locks, keyless access, digital locks and much more.


We offer flexible services depending on the requirement of the client. It can be anything ranging from emergency lockout assistance to regular inspections of properties. We have a trained team of professionals who will take care of your needs and are always ready for a new challenge!


We take pride in being the first ones to come to your rescue in case of emergencies. There are many locksmiths that you may find on your listings in and around Dallas, but we are the fastest in dealing and solving the issue. This is why you should choose Dallas Locksmith Store. We save your time and quickly resolve the issue. Customer satisfaction is of prime importance to us and we will never let you down during emergency situations.

Assured Cheapest Prices

There might be times you may find yourself in emergency situation and to get out of it, you may pay a heavy fee. But we don’t believe in ripping our customers in the name of emergencies. Our competitors may do so, but we absolutely will never charge any surcharge when called during odd hours. Even for regular services, our prices cannot be matched as we are considered the most reliable and cheap locksmith in Dallas.

Our Team

We have a team of professionally trained locksmiths who share the same commitment of a faultless customer service. Dallas Locksmith Store is lucky to have a trained staff on board who are ready to take on new challenges and give the best service to old or new customers. They have years of experience in the locks and keys business and are ready to learn more. Dallas Locksmith Store conducts weekly workshops to keep the team updated on new advancements in the business and this way they are ready to solve any situation pertaining new locks.

Fastest On The Block

We are the fastest when it comes to dealing with emergency situations. You can always hear this about us from many customers who have been surprised to how quickly we respond to their calls and how swiftly we get the job done. We take pride in doing our work with precision within a short time frame. We understand that your time is valuable hence we have multiple mobile vans always on the road ready to leave when you call for a locksmith in Dallas, Texas. Our mobile vans give us flexibility to reach out to you quickly!


Reaching out to us has never been easier. You just have to call us on 469-802-3653 and our team of expert professionals will get in touch with us anywhere in Dallas, Texas. We are available 27/7, 365 days a year to serve you the best possible locksmith and security service.


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